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Updated: Jun 27, 2021


Cannabis social clubs have been operating in various countries for years as a means to organise the safe and contained recreational use of cannabis by adults. In some countries, the model is formally regulated, but in many others, it remains unregulated and teetering on the edge of legality.

Cannabis Social Clubs, also referred to as ‘private grow clubs’, have only recently emerged in South Africa in a context of continued policy uncertainty. The upcoming court case of ‘THC’ (The Haze Club) clearly highlights the legal ambiguity of Cannabis Social Clubs in South Africa.

The functioning of cannabis clubs is an interesting social and business phenomena that is pioneering possible ways to organise part of the cannabis sector. This needs to be learnt from and is deserving of well-informed dialogue.

This webinar will be addressed by panellists with rich knowledge and experiences of cannabis social clubs internationally and in South Africa.

The webinar covers:

- International experiences;

- The structure and operation of Cannabis Social Clubs in South Africa;

- Navigating the ambiguous legislation and policies;

- The potential economic and other impacts for the state and citizens.

> Watch the webinar recording via Youtube here!

> You can also access the Zoom recording by following this link.

> If you have any queries, please send us an email:


Tom Decorte

Tom Decorte is a professor in Criminology, at the Department of Criminology, Penal Law and Social Law at the University of Ghent. He has published several research papers about drug use, legislation and law enforcement and founded the Institute for Social Drug Research.

Mafalda Pardal

Mafalda Pardal is a postdoctoral research fellow and Assistant Professor at the Institute for

Social Drug Research. She is currently studying the impact of the legal cannabis market in Uruguay on the illicit market. Her previous research focussed on Cannabis Social Clubs in Belgium and other European countries.

Kobus Schoeman

Kobus Schoeman is a barefoot 'hippie-boerseun' from a citrus farm in the North-West province who became committed to community upliftment when he saw people’s poverty and the mining industry's destruction of the area. He is CEO of GROW one AFRICA that facilitates

15 cannabis social clubs aiming to GROW the PEOPLE, NURTURE the EARTH and ensure Africa leads the cannabis industry.

Neil Liddell

Neil Liddell is an entrepreneur and founder of The Haze Club (THC), one of the first cannabis grow clubs in South Africa. He is passionate about the plant and changing stigmas traditionally associated with cannabis. Neil loves spending time outside, and you can find him rock climbing or surfing.

Andrew McPherson

Andrew McPherson is a Cape Town-based attorney with a background in corporate litigation. He is part of the legal team representing the THC in their current court case.

For some years Andrew has been acting for and advising people and businesses active in the cannabis community.


Maryke Steynvaart is a Masters student studying Socio-Cultural Anthropology at UP, who is an active member of COUP. Her honours research project was on the dynamics of Cannabis Social Clubs. As a journalist, she has written about the cannabis sector, cannabis events, and the legal shortcomings of the proposed Cannabis Bill.



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